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Who I Am

I am first and foremost a daughter of God and co-heir with Christ, though professionally I am a recording artist and performer originally from St. Paul, MN. I recently lived in Tucson, AZ from 2010-2020, where I went to graduate school at the University of Arizona for vocal performance and met my amazing husband (who is also my musical partner & producer)!  I have performed all over the country, both originals and covers, and have been recording for various artists for over 10 years.  Now I'm back in Minnesota to encourage and motivate you to step into your Kingdom calling through music!  I trust you will hear my heart and God's voice through it motivating you to truly live out what you were created for!

My Mission

Sharing Kingdom life through music!  There is so much music out there filling our ears with messages that influence our hearts and minds, which in turn shapes our lives.  God created us to be so much more than we are often able to believe for ourselves, and we all need to be reminded and empowered on a daily basis to live in the Kingdom of heaven on earth with power and authority.  We all want the abundant life, and if we can be united with who God is and with each other in fulfilling our amazing purpose, we will be unstoppable!  So let's do this together!  Hebrews 12:1-2

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